Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is comparatively newer in the government assisted Lifeline phone assistance program but within this short time it has established itself as one of the great players in providing free cellphones to the financially disabled people. It’s a subsidiary organ of Virgin Mobile. While this telecom company is not as big and old as the Safelink Wireless, it’s growing very fast. They have already stepped into 29 states and are working to spread their service in more states.

If you are a person with low-income and can’t afford to buy a cellphone or pay the bills for it, you can have a look at the program and apply for it if you meet the requirements and criteria set by the government. There are two ways to avail the facilities offered by this FCC mandated program. Either your income should be lower than an amount fixed by the state you live in or you have to be a beneficiary of a government assistant program like Medicaid, Food Stamps and some other programs. When you will apply for the program, the telecom company will verify your documents in order to check your eligibility. If they find you to eligible, you will receive your phone at your home address. According to the rules they provide only one cellphone for an address since the phone is provided to the people to enable to contact the emergency services. Applications for additional cellphones are not treated warmly.

Usually the telecom company provides 250 minutes of free airtime with the cellphone, but if you need additional talk time you can have it by recharging your phone with Virgin’s top-up cards available in most of the retail shops. Another interesting thing is that if you save some minutes from one month it will accumulate with the free minutes of the next month.

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