Free Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

November 29th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Free Cell Phones For

Probably the senior citizens of the country need a cellphone more than others. Aged people suffer from different diseases and problems. They often need to contact medical services in order to get treatment. But with their limited income they can’t afford a cellphone. Senior citizens mainly depend on social security for income and what they receive is hardly enough to meet daily expenses at present. You can’t expect them to pay for a cellphone and the bills when they are having hard time with other important issues.

If you are a senior citizen and can’t pay for a cellphone, then you can have a cellphone for free from the ‘free cellphones for senior citizens’ program run by the government. It is a program that is monitored by Federal Communication Commission. At present, this program is available in most of the state. Check out whether or not it is available in your city.

Since this is a subsidized program, anyone can’t avail the benefits. Only qualified people are provided with free cellphones and airtimes. To qualify either you should be a person with low-income or a member of any regional or federal government assisted program. You need to show your proofs in order to get selected by the approved telecom company. Though the program is run by the government, your account will be managed by the telecom company who will provide you with the cellphone. To sign up for the program, go to the website of the government approved telecom company and fill up the form given on the site. You can contact them directly too to sign up. Once they are done with the verification process, they will send the cellphone with free minutes at your address. According to the rule, you can’t apply for more than one phone as this is a subsidized program.

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