Free Government Cell Phone Program

September 9th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Free Government Cell Phone

The free government cell phone program was actually created back in 1996 by the Telecommunications Act. This program offers free phone service to low income families who are at 135% or below the poverty line. The Lifeline program gives low income families a free cell phone and free monthly minutes. Versions of the Lifeline program go back as far as the 1980s. The program is financed via the contributions of commercial phone service providers who impose a small fee on regular phone bills.

Communication is vital for all people regardless of income. During the old days, people passed information by way of beating drums, smoke signals, sending messengers, and even blowing horns. This form of communication has however been replaced by new forms of communication. Mobile phones have become an integral part of modern day communication.

Cell phones may be considered a luxury for some, but having easy access to communication is a necessity for everyone. If our car breaks down or an emergency arises, it is vital to have access to a cell phone to call for support. Even today, there are groups of low income people that don’t have access to basic services. This is why the free government cell phone program was brought into the picture. Lifeline is an initiative created by the United States government to help people who cannot afford cell phones on their own. By offering free government cell phone, lifeline ensures that every citizen of that country is covered in all ways including communication.

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