Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Kansas Residents

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Kansas ResidentsGuide to Free Government Cell Phones for Kansas Residents

Kansas, famous for its sprawling crop fields and vast open spaces, offers low cost of living and a friendly atmosphere to over 2 million residents.

While there are an abundance of job opportunities, many of these jobs come with low wages. To top it off, the state government continues to make cutbacks in popular assistance programs that hundreds of thousands of people depend upon.

This comes as bad news for over 19 percent of the population who have a young child at home and yet still can’t afford to make ends meet. There’s plenty of wheat in Kansas, but living off of wheat alone won’t make anyone happy or healthy. Cell phones are now a necessity for anyone, however, the large portion of Kansas that can barely afford to put a roof over their heads rarely think about getting one. New smartphones cost hundreds of dollars and monthly service bills can set you back more than $200 per month. But there is a solution: the Lifeline Assistance government benefit program. This program provides a free cell phone with free monthly minutes, data, and texting to qualified residents. Here’s a Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Kansas Residents!

Good News: Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Kansas Residents

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Kansas ResidentsThe strong wind of the Great Plains has brought with it the Lifeline Program. This unique, government-funded program offers free cell phones to families in need, along with monthly plans that include 250 free minutes and free text messages.

The Lifeline Program, started in the 1990s, is funded by the federal government and currently boasts more than 10 million participants. For Kansas residents, this means that they can now apply to that dream job knowing that the company has a way to contact them.

Families no longer have to worry about safety when they are away from home; they simply pick up their free government cell phones and make a phone call.

Ready to apply for your free government cell phone and free service? Just click on the red button below to start the easy signup process right now!

Qualifying for this Program

If you’re one of hundreds of thousands of Kansas residents currently living below the poverty line, you will qualify for this free government cell phone program.

The Lifeline Program currently accepts families who meet certain income requirements. For example, a family of three can qualify for the program if they make less than $30,135 per year. An individual who is making less than $17,655 can also qualify to receive a free phone with a plan. These numbers represent a calculation of 150 percent of the federal poverty income level.

Residents who currently participate in government programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Section 8, Supplemental Security Income or Food Stamps automatically qualify for the Lifeline Program. At this time, only one cell phone with plan is allowed per family.

Having a cell phone will open up all kinds of opportunities for Kansas residents. Take advantage of this wonderful program as millions of other Americans have and get your free cell phone today.

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