Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Missouri Residents

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Missouri ResidentsGuide to Free Government Cell Phones for Missouri Residents

As of 2014, the state of Missouri ranked among the highest in America in terms of hunger and food insecurity. It seems that behind the attractions of St. Louis, Kansas city and Springfield, the “Show Me” state has its lows.

Unemployment insurance and children living apart from families are not looking that good either, while the poverty rate peaked at 15.9%. Although analysts indicate economic stability and growth, this does not mean that everyone has a job or the means to support themselves. Did you know that Missouri residents can qualify for a free government cell phone with free monthly minutes?

Here’s a Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Missouri Residents!

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans currently living in poverty conditions in Missouri. These people have to cope with a household income below the federal, country-wide established poverty line. While the line may seem like just a number, when faced with a budget that can’t cover basics such as utility bills, rent and food, it has a life-changing impact.

When you put a child into the picture as well, things can get pretty desperate. Luckily, your low income may qualify you for the numerous federal aid programs that are set up by the government, thereby giving you the means you need to lead a normal, happy life.

Free Low Income Cell Phone Service from the Government

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Missouri ResidentsLifeline is one such government benefit program set up for low-income households. Through it, you can receive a free cell phone and free monthly service that varies according to the plan you choose.

That’s right, you can stop worrying about phone bills or not staying in touch with those who matter just by applying to Lifeline.

We live in an age that is relying heavily on wireless communication, whether it’s about job matters or family responsibilities. After all, you can’t just take a trip downtown everytime you want to set up a meeting.

Ready to apply for your free government cell phone and free service? Just click on the red button below to start the easy signup process right now!

The Lifeline plan offered by a free cell phone provider nearby can get you a free phone subscription and a free phone for just this kind of situation.

Although it might not seem like much, a free phone is definitely a step forward in putting an end to Missouri’s child poverty rate and overall poverty indicator.

If nothing else, it will certainly give you a better chance at landing a job with a major employer in Missouri and make it easier to stay in touch with loved ones.

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