Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Rhode Island


Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Rhode Island

The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is famous for its oceanfront property, including bays, inlets and other stunning water sources, despite being only 37 miles across at its widest and has 35 islands.  


Rhode Island is the only state that celebrates Victory Day, the once federal holiday to mark the end of World War II. The state was founded by ‘radicals’ who believed in the separation of church and state, and the freedom of religion. As such, Rode Island was the first state to renounce its allegiance to King George III. The state was also the birthplace of the American textile industry.

Rhode Island may have peaked during the Gilded Age when America’s richest families would summer in Newport, Rhode Island. Elites would drop millions of dollars on luxury and entertainment.


Health services and tourism seem to be the breadwinner industries for Rhode Island locals, while school teachers here benefit from the highest average wage from across the country. With major employers like Amgen Inc, Brown University or Amica Mutual Insurance to support the economy, many people are doing fairly well here.

  • In 2020, 110,244 residents out of 1,018, 586 live in poverty.
  • 10.8 percent live in poverty, ranking it 18th in the nation for overall poverty.
  • 13.9 percent of children live in poverty, ranking the state 22nd in the nation.
  • 11.2 percent of working-age women live in poverty, making it 13th in the U.S.
  • The income inequality ratio is 15.5, the 33rd ranking in America.
  • Unemployment before COVID-19 was 3.6, 28th in the country.
  • Nearly 20 percent of children live in poverty. 

Tough times are even tougher when nobody’s there to give you a hand.

large disparities exist when it comes to minorities – Native Americans, Hispanic and Black Children – and Asian and White Children.Kids Count also found that the average rent in Rhode Island rose for the first time in several years, while the number of families living in shelters also increased.


Claiborne Pell, Rhode Island’s longest serving senator, sponsored what is now known as the Pell Grant. He also created the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities. 

There’s help for qualified Rhode Island residents: the Lifeline assistance program. This government benefit program provides a free government cell phone with free monthly minutes, data, and texting to qualified individuals. Here’s a Guide to Free Government Cell Phone Service for Rhode Island!

Guide to Free Government Cell Phone Service for Rhode Island

The Lifeline program was specifically developed by the U.S. government to provide low-income households with a way to stay in touch. The cost of cell phone service is increasing every year and its getting harder to keep that phone bill in check. In fact, it seems that many people from Providence to Newport are giving up their cell phone service in order to afford other, more basic needs.

Applying for a Free Government Cell Phone Service is Easy

Now, you don’t need to give up talking to your family, employers and medical professionals since the Lifeline program can provide you with a free cell phone for no cost at all. You are instantly eligible for the program if you’re already enrolled in Medicaid, General Public Assistance (GPA), FIP, Section 8 or a host of other government welfare programs available in Rhode Island.

If you don’t participate in any welfare programs, you can still qualify based on your household income, as long as it’s at or below the 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Guideline.

If so, then you can easily apply for a Lifeline free cell phone service with a Lifeline provider near you. Besides amazing benefits for those who want to call internationally, your free cell phone service also comes with a free cell phone! That’s right, if you are eligible for the program you can get a phone and use it without paying anything.


Ready to apply for your free government cell phone service? Just click on the red button below to start the easy signup process right now!

Here are the ten poorest places in Rhode Island for 2020:

  1. Providence

2. Central Falls

3. Woonsocket

4. Pawtucket

5. Kingston

6. Narragansett Pier

7. Westerly

8. Wakefield-Peacedale

9. East Providence

10. Newport


Population: 179,435
Median Income: $42,158
Unemployment Rate: 8.8%
Poverty Rate: 26.0%

Central Falls

Population: 19,382
Rank Last Year: 1
Median Income: $31,724
Unemployment Rate: 7.3%
Poverty Rate: 32.8%


Population: 41,539
Rank Last Year: 3
Median Income: $39,932
Unemployment Rate: 8.7% 3rd highest
Poverty Rate: 24.1%


Median Income: $46,938
Unemployment Rate: 7.9%
Poverty Rate: 18.6%


Median Income:$95,875
Unemployment Rate: 12.9%
Poverty Rate: 21.1%

Narragansett Pier

Median Income:$66,107
Unemployment Rate: 5.9%
Poverty Rate: 20.7%


Median Income: $62,830
Unemployment Rate: 7.2%
Poverty Rate: 9.8%


Median Income:$71,131
Unemployment Rate: 7.8%
Poverty Rate: 13.4%

East Providence

Median Income: $57,384
Unemployment Rate: 5.9%
Poverty Rate: 9.6%


Median Income: $65,431
Unemployment Rate: 4.7%
Poverty Rate: 14.4%

Rhode Island is known for its singular accent. It may sound like a Boston one to the untrained ear, but it makes it easier to know who is from the Ocean State. The state drink is the delicious coffee milk that is just like chocolate milk, but made with coffee syrup. While Boston chowder harnesses the taste of cream as Manhattan chowder does with tomato, RI chowder is made with a clear broth that pairs well with clammies.

A gorgeous beach is just around an hour away and there are four seasons to enjoy. You can also visit a multitude of haunted houses and trails. In fact, the home from The Conjuring is located in Harrisville, Rhode Island.

Did you know that the Ocean State has more Italian-Americans – up to 19 percent of the population – than any other state? It’s true! As the textile capital of America, nearly 55,000 Italians arrived at the Port of Providence from 1898 to 1932.

Residents of the state that hosts the oldest 4th of July Parade can also celebrate their big-time savings when they get FREE cell phone service.

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