Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Utah Families

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Utah FamiliesGuide to Free Government Cell Phones for Utah Families

Utah is considered to be a center of transportation, education, mining and government services. Thanks to its prestigious Universities, the state also plays a significant part in information technology and research, while its impressive landscape and natural parks have turned it into a major tourist destination for outdoor recreation.

On the other hand, Utah also features the second fastest growing population of any state, while the rate of unemployment here seems to have settled at above 4%. Although this looks better than most other states, not all people can find a well-paying job at a large company like Intermountain Health Care or the Hill Air Force Base. People who qualify can receive a free government cell phone with free monthly minutes! Continue reading for a guide to free government cell phones for Utah families.

In fact, 27.3% the jobs available in Utah are low-wage and can barely keep employees above the poverty line.

As a result, 11.7% of the people living here are struggling with poverty, which means that more than 300,000 individuals across Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo and other areas are worried about what their next meal will be.

What’s worse, more than 147,000 of them are situated in extreme poverty conditions. Due to the fact that their parents cannot find jobs or because they are part of the 32.3% low-income working families, 15% of the children in Utah are brought up in poverty and into a life with little to no opportunities. The hunger and food insecurity here is actually worse than in most other states;  during the 2011-2013 period, more than 400,000 people found it difficult to provide enough food due to a lack of financial resources.

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Utah Families:

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On the one hand, to escape poverty these people need to find better jobs and secure better salaries. On the other hand, however, their situation does not allow them to create or to seize opportunities.

Many of these people, for instance, still do not own a cell phone. In today’s society, this can act as a major setback, especially when it comes to employment opportunities.

For this reason, the Lifeline program is now available in Utah through free cell phone providers that are backed by the Government in order to help low income residents obtain a free cell phone and 250 free monthly minutes.

To receive your own free cell phone and monthly minutes, all you have to do is to verify your eligibility for the Lifeline program and then submit proof of it to a Lifeline provider near you. Once your application is verified, your new cell phone will be mailed to your home address.

With it, you’ll find it much easier to stay in touch with employers, your family and 911 emergency services.

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