Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for West Virginians

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for West VirginiansGuide to Free Government Cell Phones for West Virginians

West Virginia is known for its economic prowess. In the year following the 2008 real-estate crash, this state was one of the ten which actually experienced economic growth.

In 2009, the income per capita dropped by an average of 2.6% all across America, while in West Virginia it actually grew by 1.8%. Seeing as business taxes are well below the national average, it’s no surprise this region is suitable for entrepreneurs and major employers like Ruby Memorial Hospital, Arcellor Mital or Allegheny Science & Technology.

Just last year, the economy of this state grew exponentially, ranking third on a nation-wide basis. This helped it secure the status as of one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. In addition, the coal and gas industry bring in hefty profits for the locals, ventures which are closely followed by logging.

On the other hand, West Virginia’s good economic standing is eclipsed by its percentage of children living apart from parents, in foster cares. In this respect, the state ranked last. The same worrying facts are shown by the gender wage gap. For every dollar of men’s median earnings, women earn less than 70 cents, while the overall poverty rate is 18.5% – way above the national average. For those who qualify, low income West Virginians can receive a free government cell phone with free monthly minutes, data, and texting! Heres a Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for West Virginians!

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for West Virginians:

Ready to apply for your free government cell phone and free service? Just click on the red button below to start the easy signup process right now!

Providing a helping hand with these worrying living conditions, the Lifeline program was established by the government as a way to offer low-income households the possibility to keep in touch with others for free. Whether it’s for family, job-related tasks or even emergency situations, having a working phone is a necessity nowadays.

However, the growing fees of most telecommunication companies have turned this service into a luxury for low-income households.

The Lifeline program makes it possible for you to get free cell phone service as a West Virginia local. In addition, you can sometimes even get a free smartphone by applying with a Lifeline  provider near you.

Whether you live in Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington or any other city in West Virginia, you will find it much easier to stay connected to job opportunities and your family with this free cell phone and 250 monthly minutes to go with it.

To get your own free cell phone through the Lifeline program, you can either apply with your income, as long as it’s under 135% of the Federal Poverty Guideline, or with proof that you receive benefits from Emergency Assistance (AA), Medicaid, National School Lunch, Section 8 and a few others.

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