Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Wisconsin Residents

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Wisconsin ResidentsGuide to Free Government Cell Phones for Wisconsin Residents

Wisconsin, a proud state of football lovers and cheese eaters, has experienced tremendous improvement since the Great Recession of 2008. While the national poverty level sits at 15 percent, Wisconsin continues to maintain a 12 percent level among all residents.

The bad news however, is that the economy in Wisconsin is volatile, largely due to the state’s heavy dependence on agriculture.

With a 4.5 percent unemployment rate, there are still thousands of Wisconsin residents who are looking for a job. In many cases, these job seekers have been out of work for years and are finding it very difficult to obtain employment. The large number of public assistance programs offered by Wisconsin are primarily in place for these unfortunate people however, recipients still find it hard to make ends meet.

There is help: the Lifeline program provides a free government cell phone with free monthly minutes, data, and texting for qualified individuals. Here’s a Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Wisconsin Residents

The cell phone dilemma is also something that many people have to face on a regular basis. The enormous retail cost for a new smartphone can often eat up hundreds of dollars, while monthly service charges are always difficult to pay.

Regardless of their situation, Wisconsin residents still need a cell phone. They need a way to contact their loved ones, to call for help during a disaster and to have a way to contact potential employers. A cell phone is a daily necessity that thousands of Wisconsin residents just can’t afford.

Guide to Free Government Cell Phones for Wisconsin Residents

Help is on the way! The Lifeline Program, funded by the federal government and regulated by the FCC, offers free cell phones and free monthly service plans to those who qualify.

Each monthly service plan comes with at least 250 minutes and text messages. Join more than 10 million current users of the Lifeline Program located throughout the United States to see how having a cell phone can benefit you!


Ready to apply for your free government cell phone and free service? Just click on the red button below to start the easy signup process right now!


Qualifying for the Lifeline Program

There are two different qualification options for those who want a Lifeline cell phone.

  1. The first and most common option is participation with a federal assistance program. If you and your family currently receives aid from Section 8, Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and other programs, you automatically qualify to receive a free cell phone with the Lifeline Program.
  2. The second option pertains to income level. Your household must meet guidelines set to 150 percent of the national poverty level to get a free cell phone. This number varies depending on how many people live with you. Keep in mind that the government has set the limit to one cell phone and one free cell phone plan per household.

Get your foot in the door and on the right path with a free cell phone from Lifeline!

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